Here's how to do it...

Simply refer all your stairlift leads to Acorn

Acorn Stairlifts have built partnerships with hundreds of healthcare suppliers worldwide, giving thousands of customers peace of mind. For every stairlift we sell as a result of your lead - we will pay you a commission.

  • We have surveyors and engineers throughout the country.
  • We are specialists - we only sell stairlifts

Acorn's stairlifts are designed and manufactured by Acorn. That means that at every stage of their production, we can control costs and ensure that the quality is to our high standards. By controlling the whole process, we are able to reduce costs and cut out the "middle man". This means that we can pass these savings on to our dealers, partners and customers.

Acorn only makes stairlifts, meaning we have become specialists in their design, manufacture and maintenance and with over 20 years of doing so have perfected and refined the whole process. By being so specialized, we can guarantee the quality and reliability of our stairlifts.

In becoming a market leader, we've also ensured that the process of surveying, installing and maintaining our stairlifts have the same measure of quality and have built a large network of surveyors and engineers.

Why be an Acorn Partner?

What we will do
  • Respond to any lead you refer.
  • Usually complete installation faster than anyone else
  • Keep you informed of progress every step of the way.
  • Send your commission upon completion of sale.

Firstly, you have the benefit of knowing your customer is being looked after by a world's leading stairlift organization. Secondly, Acorn does a lot of the work for you, Once you've submitted a referral, we'll get in touch with the customer and start the process of selling.

If the customer decides to buy we'll complete the installation quickly and at a convenient time for them. This is usually much quicker than any other company that provides stairlifts.

To help you promote our products, we'll send you marketing materials. We'll also provide you with a range of banner adverts and tools which enable you to view reports and track your users through your website.

In short, becoming a partner with Acorn enables you to offer your customers an additional, valued service, and gain extra income.

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